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Daily Food Guide


Daily Calorie Intake for Children

Children need calories in order to grow and fully develop into healthy adults. Reading the calorie content on foods makes it easier for you to see how much you’re feeding your child.

This chart gives a rough guideline to the daily calorie needs of boys and girls at different ages. Kids who are really active may need more; those who are inactive may need less.

Age Calories per day
  Boys Girls
1–3 1,230 1,165
4–6 1,715 1,545
7–10 1,970 1,740
11–14 2,220 1,845
15–18 2,755 2,110
Adults 2,550 1,940

We also have suggested portion sizes of various food types on our Meal and Serving Planner page, in order for you to make up healthy and filling meals for your 1-5 year olds.