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Kiddi Garden

Helping youngsters understand and cope with the various feelings they may have will encourage self-awareness and self-confidence. Also, it is important to help children understand where their food comes from as this will further encourage them to eat well. Kiddigarden explains the provenance of foods and shows kids how to grow their own.

Do you know where the fruit and vegetables in your meals come from?


All fruit and vegetables, be that potatoes for your chips or blueberries for your muffins, start as a small seed.

These seeds are then planted in soil and sown to help them grow.

Eventually, after enough water and sunlight, the seed will become a fruit/vegetable plant, tree or bush. You can then pick your fruit or veggies to eat when they are ripe enough. Yummy!


Why don’t you try growing your own fruit and veg?


Growing your own is really fun and something to be proud of. Once you grow your own vegetables, you are more likely to eat them (they’re very good for you) and you'll have learned a bit about where food comes from.

So, what do you need to grow vegetables?


Well, not much really!


  • SEEDS– Start with the seeds.
    You can buy basic vegetables seeds for about 70p a packet in your local supermarket or for specific varieties & home delivery order online.
  • SPACE- Somewhere to grow your veggies.
    You don't need much space, in fact almost all vegetables can be grown in gaps in the flower bed, pots or even window boxes full of compost. Potatoes can even be grown in a gro-bag.
  • SUN– Help them grow!
    Most vegetables need a sunny spot, and tomatoes do well in a gro-bag against a sunny house wall.
  • WATER– Food for veggies!
    You will need to water the seeds/plants in, then occasionally when dry.


When should we sow the seeds?


You can start sowing your vegetables in the Spring time. If you see plant weeds in your garden, then your seeds should be able to grow too.


How do we sow vegetable seeds?

There should be instructions of how to sow vegetables on the seed packet but all you have to remember is to water them and give them plenty of sunlight.




If you can’t think of what vegetables you’d like to grow, take a look at the ones below and pick which ones you like.


  • tomatoes– plump and red!
  • sugar snap peas- sweet and crunchy!
  • radish- colourful and reliable!
  • mixed salad leaves– pretty and quick!
  • rocket– easy and cheap!
  • carrots– orange and tasty!
  • pumpkins– huge and scary!
  • sweetcorn– tall and fun!
  • potatoes– diverse and underground!


10 Reason to Why You Should Grow Your Own

  1. It's fun and satisfying
  2. Children learn about how food grows
  3. It's healthier
  4. It's much tastier
  5. It's fresher
  6. It's surprisingly easy
  7. You don't have to go to the shops
  8. You know where your food has come from and that no pesticides are on it - so it's 100% organic
  9. It's a lot cheaper! A 70p packet of seeds will keep you in salad leaves for about 4 months!
  10. And you get quality time in the fresh air


Keep it simple and give it a go!