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Our Spices

Our Spices sums up the different elements, that together create balanced growth and development in a child.


Allowing children to get in touch with the many facets of their personality will make them more aware and inclined to try new things.Kiddi Craft
Physical- The physical growth of children involves the development of big and small motor skills.Events
Intellectual- Babies and toddlers love spending time making sense of the world around them.Competitions
Cultural- It is important for kids to know as much as they can about other cultures and ways of life so they can expand their understanding of the world.Kiddiglobe
Emotional- Helping youngsters understand and cope with the various feelings they may have will encourage self-awareness and self-confidence.
Social- Forming attachments, learning to share and co-operating with others are things that need to be incorporated into a child’s life early on. Cooking is a great way to do this.Cook with Us Cooking Academy